Simple Sin Function

This is a simple illustration that the
  • code highlighting works
  • plots are shown
This post that was exported from a Jupyiter notbook, as described in the previous post Introduction and Hello!
We start with importing numpy and matplotlib, two important python packages.

Now we generate vectorised x and y values for plotting:

So,  it works, hurray!

Introduction and Hello!

So time to start a new blog! Devoted to python, R and artificial intelligence.

The first post, however, is somewhat mundane.

I like Jupyter notebooks, which can be used to write presentable python code. I want to turn Jupyter notebooks – more or less automatically – into a blog post on a WordPress content management system. Especially, we want syntax color highlighting and pretty pictures coming out of the analysis in Jupyter Notebook.

I found a few helpful references on the web, especially this one, however, my WordPress Installation behaved slightly differently, so I will describe what I did.

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